What to know when you visit a school

We encourage parents and community members to visit our schools during normal school hours. We have many volunteers that spend countless hours helping in classrooms and in other ways throughout the school. If you visit one of schools, please be aware of the following:

- ALL visitors must sign in at the front office and wear a volunteer badge. Please sign out and return the badge when you leave. The purpose of signing in and out of the school is so that we can account for all visitors in the building should an emergency occur.

- Staff have been trained to wear name badges at all times. Unfamiliar persons and/or persons not wearing a visitor’s badge will be directed to the main administrative office. Visitors, volunteers and chaperones may also be asked for identification.

- We want to protect the privacy of our students. Please refrain from taking pictures of students except of your own child. Never post pictures of other students to social media.

- Visitors should not try to open outside doors during school or after hours unless you are authorized to do so. Student and staff safety is a top priority. Staff has been trained to call the front office if this is taking place and 911 may also be called.