Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy Assessment



Child Nutrition Program

The Child Nutrition program is reviewed yearly to verify that all foods sold to students meet all the USDA requirements.  All Smart Snacks are verified for compliance through use of the Smart Snacks calculator.

School-based Programs

Individual schools choose to implement food sales for fund-raising purposes.  These programs, such as DECA, club fundraisers, and vending sales, follow approval processes using the Smart Snacks calculator, vendor contracts, or consultation with Child Nutrition to meet Federal Nutrition Guidelines. 

Physical fitness

Opportunities for fitness activity beyond PE include recess time, classroom movement activities, passing periods, before and after school activities, stretch breaks throughout the day, trips for kids, Athletics, JROTC, clubs centered on active lives, and unstructured play.


Nutrition education is part of the curriculum for the Arlington Public Schools in specified programs including PE Health class trips, Nutrition Week, School Garden, Health and Wellness specialist, Health and Fitness specialist, Health, PE, and Culinary Arts.  Examples include Health, Family Health, Sports Medicine and PE courses

School Board Policy 6700, Nutrition and Physical Fitness

School Board Procedures, 6700P, Nutrition and Physical Fitness