Employee Assistance Program

The Washington State EAP is offering wellness resources to help you and your loved ones cope with day to day life. This includes a series of virtual sessions to provide support for employees, on topics including self-care, coping with stress and fear, and family support.  To register for a live presentation or to view a recorded session on demand, visit eap.wa.gov and click on Resources link. Org Code is ASD.

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JAN 2024 Feeling Your Finances.docx
JAN 2024 Money Matters.docx

FEB 2024 EAP Promotional Email.docx

FEB 2024 Become a Positive Influencer.docx
FEB 2024 Positive Impact Become the Influence.docx

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MAR 2024 A Pet in Life.docx
MAR 2024 Best Furry Friends.docx

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APR 2024 Food for Thought.docx
APR 2024 Mindful Eating.docx

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MAY 2024 Caring for Your Mental Health.docx
MAY 2024 Balancing Act Strategies for Mental Health.docx

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JULY 2024 The Teen Age.docx
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DEC 2023 Accepting Change.docx
DEC 2023 Making a Change.docx

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NOV 2023 Taking Care of the Caregiver.docx
NOV 2023 Caring for the Caregiver.docx

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OCT 2023 Pause Breathe Resume.docx

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SEP 2023 Standard Flyer Building Gratitude.docx
SEP 2023 Seminar Flyer The Gratitude Heart.docx

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AUG 2023 Standard Flyer Money Pressures.docx
AUG 2023 Seminar Flyer Digging Deep.docx

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JULY 2023 Am I a Good Parent.docx
JULY 2023 Overcomng Parental Guilt.docx

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JUNE 2023 An Open Mind.docx
JUNE 2023 Keeping an Open Mind.docx

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MAY 2023 Speak Less Listen More.docx
MAY 2023 Are You a Good Listener.docx

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APR 2023 Mindful Living.docx
APR 2023 Guiding Your Family to Greener Living.docx

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FEB 2023 Recognizing Loneliness.docx
FEB 2023 Tackling Loneliness.docx

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JAN 2023 _Be There for Yourself.docx
JAN 2023 Rays of Sunshine.docx


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OCT 2022 EAP Navigating Holidays

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