Construction Projects

2020 Levy Construction Projects

In February 2020, district voters approved a $23.7 million dollar capital levy to support building and facility improvements across the district. The levy improvements are intended to meet one or more of the following goals:

• Provide adequate classroom space for instructional programs.
• Improve the efficiency of building support systems like Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and electrical services.
• Increase the useful lifespan of existing school buildings or facilities.
• Improve safety and security at instructional sites.

Scheduled 2023 summer projects:
• The Kent Prairie Traffic Safety project will provide a waiting area for familiesKP Dismissal picking up their students after school. It will provide a safe place off 204th Street and away from the school buildings for families to wait.

• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements across the district

2022-23 Construction Update
Over the 2022-23 school year, we completed nine projects that help meet the safety needs of our students and provide them with the space they need to learn. Here are three highlights:AHS Addition

- Added classrooms at Arlington High School. Additions include new classrooms, a manufacturing technology lab, and an expanded special education life skills suite.

- Secure entryways allow staff to vet and register visitors before they enterSecure Entryway instructional spaces. The 2020 capital levy provided for the installation of secure entry ways across the district.

- Kent Prairie Elementary Safety Project: The project will address road congestion at the school, and promotes safety for pedestrians and drivers during dismissal.

Levy Funded Projects Completed


Questions about the 2020 Capital Levy projects can be directed to Brian Lewis, Executive Director of Operations, 360-618-6238, [email protected].