Accessing Language Services

Language services can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • By calling or emailing the school, teacher, school administration, or district office
  • Leave a voicemail message for the appropriate Arlington School District interpreter listed below.

Jeannette Reid
High School Interpreter-Tutor 360-618-6444 - Spanish
[email protected]

Lorencita Muniz
Middle School Interpreter-Tutor 360-618-6449 - Spanish
[email protected]

Marta Ledesma-Garcia Eagle Creek Interpreter-Tutor 360-618-6446 - Spanish
[email protected]

Nataliya Kushner Russian and Ukrainian Interpreter-Tutor
[email protected]

Mariana Zamora-Santo Pioneer Interpreter-Tutor 360-618-6448 - Spanish
[email protected]

Melliam Rodriguez Ortiz Presidents and Kent Prairie Interpreter Tutor - Spanish
[email protected]

  • Use the language services provider that offers live interpreter services
  • Questions regarding access should be sent to Karl Olson at 360-618-6210 or [email protected]

Sign Language interpretation
The district contracts with sign language interpreters who are available to interpret at school events and meetings.

Language Services
School leaders will work with teachers and support staff to ensure a clear internal system to access interpreters and translators.


  • Required for in-person or virtual conferences and family events.
  • Schedule interpreters at least two business days prior to events. Brief the interpreter on the meeting and its details.
  • Confirm the language the family speaks.
  • Confirm the parent’s attendance through the interpreter.
  • Schedule extra time for the meeting to allow interpretation to occur.


  • Email translation requests with advance notice of at least 2-3 business days to [email protected]. Send the original, modifiable documents in an electronic format, Microsoft Word is recommended (no PDFs) and indicate the date by which the translation is needed. A single request may include multiple languages of a document.
  • Submit the translation request form with the document(s) to be translated.