Prop. 2: Capital Levy Renewal

The four-year Capital Levy renewal continues funding for districtwide health, safety, infrastructure and facility improvements, including, but not limited to replacing, repairing, upgrading, modernizing and/or improving roofing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment, windows, technology infrastructure (e.g., fiber and telecommunications), kitchen equipment, plumbing, and paving and parking; and making other health, safety, infrastructure and facility improvements at district facilities.

The 2024 Capital Levy Renewal will collect roughly $26,300,000 amount over the next four years. That funding will go to the following projects:

Site Project Cost
Arlington High School  Projects range from: roofing repair, flooring repair, water heater repair   $6,896,301 
Weston High School  Projects range from roofing repair, plumbing, paving and parking   $1,429,521 
Haller Middle School  Projects range from roofing, painting of walls, kitchen equipment, parking and paving   $5,153,881 
Eagle Creek Elementary  Projects range from flooring to intercom maintenance, paving and parking, playfields   $2,395,119 
Presidents Elementary  Projects range from kitchen equipment, plumbing   $439,178 
Pioneer Elementary  Projects range from interior wall repair, plumbing updates, paving and parking   $713,473 
Stillaguamish Valley Learning Center  Projects include landscape and irrigation, roofing, paint, updates to bathrooms, heat pumps, storm systems   $1,621,841 
French House  Projects include chimney repair, exterior painting   $83,935 
District Office  Project include exterior painting, interior ceilings, heat pumps and fiber  $222,068 
Transportation Center  Projects include storm water systems, paving and parking, exterior paint   $3,414,731 
Total    $26,300,000 

For a full breakdown of the projects that would be funded by the 2024 Capital levy renewal, go here.

Estimated Cost of Capital Levy

Estimated Capital Levy
Collection Year   Assessed Value Levy Amount 
 2025  $.77 $6,334,000
 2026  $.77 $6,492,000
 2027  $.77 $6,654,000
 2028  $.76 $6,821,000