ASD Board of Distinction Award

Arlington School Board named Board of Distinction for the fifth year in a row
ASD BoardThe Arlington Public Schools Board of Directors has been named a Board of Distinction by the Washington State School Directors' Association (WSSDA) for the fifth year in a row. The board members were recognized on Nov. 17 during the WSSDA Annual Conference.

Of the 295 school district boards in the state of Washington, Arlington was one of 34 boards to earn this honor for 2023. These school districts share a common commitment to ensuring student success.

“During the 2022-23 school year, the Board Team decided to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to support actions and make decisions that would support closing opportunity gaps,” said Dr. Chrys Sweeting, Superintendent. “School staff and students shared at school board meetings the positive learning results of using the UDL approach in the classroom. Students shared how the UDL approach increased their engagement in learning.”

“In addition to the focus on UDL, the Board supported the implementation of the district’s very first Student Advisory Council (SAC) with 26 high school students, one board member, the superintendent and director of equity and student well-being,” said Mary Levesque, Board President. “The SAC conversations proved to be extremely helpful in identifying areas we need to address to help close opportunity gaps. I am grateful for the students who speak up and work together to make their district better for all Arlington students.”

The Arlington School Board consists of Mike Ray, Sheri Kelly, Michael Kingman, Mary Levesque, Erica Knapp and Dr. Chrys Sweeting. High school student advisors include Nathan Nichols and Mariska Lebahn.