Birth to Three

The Early Intervention Program serves families of infants and toddlers birth to three years of age. The Infant Program provides or arranges services to help parents who are concerned about their infant's development. These families may be served in their homes, at the child's daycare, or an alternate setting. The infant educator providing these services is a certificated teacher specializing in working with infants with special needs and their families. In order for a child and family to be eligible for these services they must live within the Arlington School District, and their young child must demonstrate a delay in at least one of the following areas of development: speech, motor, problem solving or social skills, or have a disability that may lead to a delay, such as visual impairment, hearing loss or prematurity.

For more information about this program, call Cindy Prouty, School Psychologist, at 360.618.6295.

The Snohomish County Early Intervention Referral Line is 425.388.7402 or 1.800.927.9308; email [email protected].